Code Black

I am very pleased to announce that I have recently published Code Black, a technical business parable which follows a team of developers and testers at Code Black, a small IT company which has fallen on hard times. When Mike arrives their processes are a mess and they’re losing the business. Working with the team Mike introduces best practices and learns how to apply them to turn around their quality problems and fight for the company’s survival.

The book took me around 18 months to complete and it was quite an unusual project for me. I enjoy writing, but normally I use the Hero’s Journey model for stories but for this it just wouldn’t work. What I did instead was map the evolution of a team as they progress on their DevOps journey.

  • Waterfall
  • Sprint end releases
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Deployments

From that I created characters and scenarios to test the team as they evolved their processes.

Code Black is available on LeanPub now, why not take a look? I’d most definitely appreciate your feedback and suggestions!