Starting Software Development

Getting into Software Development is challenging and daunting at the best of times. However, with the rise of coronavirus and companies working remotely getting into technology is more challenging than it’s ever been.

I’m a big advocate of paying it forward, so many people have invested in me over the course of my career and I’ve been looking for ways to help people hoping to move into the field of software engineering today.

Throughout the start of 2021 I’ve been running a series of blog posts to help inspire and prepare graduates and aspiring software engineers for what they will face during the recruitment process and those first few weeks in their job. These are published every Thursday and are my humble effort to help the next generation of talented engineers.

If you have any thoughts of the posts so far or would like me to discuss a particular topic then please get in touch, drop a comment onto the page, or reach out on Twitter.

Finally a huge thank you to the people who have offered their viewpoints and answered my questions as I’ve been putting these articles together. I’ve learned a lot from you and the resources we’re putting together are far more valuable because of you!

Lets inspire and coach the next generation of software developers together. Photo by Sam Lion on

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